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Татьяна Полищук
Hairdresser and make up artist , Living in the unknown , Indie rock , scary stories , traveling , cats , japanese culture , gypsy soul , pizza

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Anonymous Asked:
first you dye your hair black and now you are writing in japanese and trying to squint in your photos??? stop fucking fetishizing japanese people or trying for asian you racist. do you realize how many people you are hurting with your actions??? you disgust me.

My answer:




She was born in Japan, ya fuck. Or are you some kind of white supremacist that thinks it’s disgusting to actually be bi-cultural? Bring it up with, hrmm, thousands that actually exist. And people are allowed to dye their hair any color?

Or do you also think gyaru are horrible racists and are appropriating with their blonde wigs?? Hurrrr??


Pan-Roasted Halibut with Cilantro Edamame Pesto


Kobayashi Kaichi (1896-1968)

design for an enevelope, ca 1925-35


Pieces for Hikari Shimoda's next collage!


"Ghosts-New Selection of 36 Apparitions" by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, 1890